Woody & Jeremy is the band. Strange Satisfaction is the album title. There's melody. There's imagery. There's juice. There are bass lines. You don't have to work too hard to get it. On the whole, the album may be considered funky.

These songs were written via exchange of home recordings over the years with Jeremy in LA and Woody in Chicago. Woody wrote the music, Jeremy wrote the words. Recorded in various studios across several years, the songs feature a large rotating cast including Theo Katzman, Joe Dart, Packy Lundholm, Noam Wallenberg, Monica Martin, Laura Mace and many others. Noah Georgeson mixed it. Tim Lahan did the art. The album was recorded using "real instruments," and yes, this is one of the many retro-sounding albums that their generation is inclined to produce, but folks, we love the sounds of earlier decades, and we're not ashamed anymore!

Fans of the band Vulfpeck will be familiar with Woody as a composer and performer, but this is the first time he takes on the role of a producer as well, shepherding the songs from their initial conception through to their final mix and master. The lyrical content of these tunes is, in turn, cynical, comedic, earnest, stupid, and sweet. They have something to do with the midwest and Los Angeles, love lost and gained, feeling like an asshole and being an asshole, dating as a fat person, getting horny while wearing an ex-lover's dress — you know, the usual.

In the end, Strange Satisfaction is not just an album title but also a customer guarantee. (void where prohibited) Take a listen, won’t you?